Unexpected Benefits of Exercising Outdoor

Every type of exercise is welcomed whether it is indoor or outdoor, cardio or strength, it doesn’t matter as long as you exercise. According to a recent study, it was shown that outdoor exercise is actually more beneficial than indoor exercise. The study showed that outdoor activity had 50 percent better positive effect, then going to the gym.
The research done here shows that exercising outside or being surrounded by nature and doing activities such as walking running or biking through green space will reduce your stress levels.

exercise outdoor benefits


Participants who participated in studies such as the ones we said above have all reported a number of benefits since they changed the environment in which they exercised. They reported that they felt revitalization, decreased anger, and increased energy. Studies done on kids also suggest that even just spending more time outside, decreases obesity in kids. Another of the perks of workout outside is the absorption of Vitamin D through the sun. Vitamin D is one of the vitamins responsible for strong bones and a healthy immune system.

A man running in Central Park in autumn

Most of us workout for the physical benefits of it, but people often forget the mental boost that comes from exercising. Since most of us work in offices and are forced to sit at a desk all day we often neglect our inner animal, and this is the reason why nature is actually our workout buddy. Participants in studies have reported decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension when exercising outdoor compared to exercising indoor. People who workout outdoor are more likely to repeat the workout opposed to those that workout indoor.
Creating exercise habit is the hardest part, so finding a habit that you enjoy can be crucial. That little positive feeling you have when outside might be a crucial factor in creating the right habit.

At the end, the most important part for your overall health is actually working out. And mixing it up with outdoor and indoor exercising may be the most beneficial for you. Staying motivated and mixing it up to keep exercising exciting will only help you achieve your desired results.


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