What is Alien Yoga ? Should you try it ?

What is Alien Yoga? These days another weird fitness trend is spreading on Instagram, thanks to yoga devotees demonstrating a new exercise which involves filling up with stomachs contorted into unrecognizable shapes. It was apparently first mentioned around 500 years ago, and in some yoga traditions, was among one of the first exercises taught to

Dry Eye Symptoms and Treatment

Have you ever wondered why you feel like your eyes are dry, well its because they are. We will try to explain what is dry eye and how to deal with it. Dry Eye occurs when the eyes do not produce enough tears to keep the eyes wet thus causing you to experience the symptoms

Cold Showers

Benefits Of Cold Showers I am sure most of us take a hot shower, but I am also sure that most of you have tried a cold shower and have felt the world coming to an end. Next time you try taking a cold shower make sure you stay in there longer. Cold showers have

Health Effects of Smoking

The Effects of Smoking on the Body Tobacco smoke is tremendously harmful to your health. There’s no safe way to smoke. If you wanna replace your cigarettes with a pipe, cigar or something else won’t avoid the risks of your health. Cigarettes contain regarding 600 ingredients. after they burn, they generate over 7,000. Several of these

Varicose Veins Home-Treatment

Unless you have a serious case of Varicose Veins, then home treatment is recommended to most people that suffer from this condition. Home treatment is recommended due to the fact that it can slow down the process of varicose veins, and it lowers the risk of complications such as bleeding and or sores. For most

Manage Your Stress

Stress happens after you understand that demands placed on you such as work, college or relationships can sometimes exceed your ability to function. Some stress is helpful from time to time, stress can sometimes give the motivation that it takes to drive, energize and assist people to get through things, like exams, work deadlines or

Get Rid of Blackheads

In order to get rid of your blackheads, you first must understand what they are. Blackheads are just an oxidized mix of oil and dead skin cells that are sitting in pores.They’re a mild type of acne that usually form on the face, often where they’re most noticeable, such as on or around the nose. The difference

Benefits of Alkaline Foods

There is a lot of buzz about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water. What you may not know is that there are many alkalizing foods you can eat to make your body less acidic and raise your pH levels. Our bodies are alkaline in their natural state. We should make sure to keep them

Health Effects Of Sugar

Many people consume sugar on a daily basis, but not many realize what are the harms of sugar! A sugar-laden diet may raise your risk of dying of heart disease even if you aren’t overweight according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Added sugars make up at least 10% of the calories the average

How Coca-Cola Affects Your Body

Sugary drinks are major contributors to health conditions such as tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, obesity etc. There are approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar added to a can of Coca-Cola.The World Health Organization (WHO) doesn’t recommend consuming more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar in a day, this means that drinking one can of coca-cola, can take