Most health facts are quite straightforward, they make sense! Well, these health facts may be counterintuitive for some, however, they are true! So instead of listing the typical health facts such as, for losing weight, eat less and workout more, or if you are tired sleep more, we will present to you some very interesting facts that you may not have heard of!


  1. If you want healthy teeth, don’t brush after eating!

    Do not brush your teeth straight after a meal! If you have eaten/drank some acidic food such as citrus, sports drinks then don’t brush your teeth after it. The acidic compound found in them can soften the enamel. Brushing the teeth in this state can speed up the acidic effect on the enamel. We suggest waiting for 30-60 minutes after eating to brush your teeth.

  2. Gain weight, to lose size!

    By adding more weight we mean adding more muscle size! If two women were to weight the same, then the one who lifts will most likely wear lower size! The logic behind this is that even tho a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, a pound of muscle takes up less space.

  3. Exercise if you feel tired!

    I know that after a long hard day of work, exercise is the last thing on your mind, but getting a sweat will energize you! If you are fatigued or in a bad mood don’t worry, it has been proven that exercising can help you better your mood and even fight depression!

  4. Drink a cup of coffee to better your nap!

    One study suggested that after drinking 1 cup of coffee with 200 milligrams of caffeine in it will actually improve your nap. The participants who drank the coffee and right away took a 20-minute nap showed better results on computer test and felt more alert than those who didn’t drink coffee. The logic behind this is that the caffeine kicks in while you sleep so when you wake up from the nap you feel fresh and alert!

  5. Stop using antibacterial soap to prevent illnesses!

    Using antibacterial soap doesn’t always mean you will prevent illnesses, a matter of fact there hasn’t been any significant study to prove that antibacterial soap is any better than normal soap! These antibacterial products have an ingredient called triclosan which may pose a risk in the long run such as bacterial resistance or hormonal effects!

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