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What To Eat Before A Workout

Having a good workout isn't always about losing weight. In addition to losing weight tho, working out is found to benefit you for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Being active can help improve your sleep, energy level, and mood. I am sure you know that what you eat before and

Benefits Of Swimming

If you don’t like sweating but you want to do good cardio exercise, then swimming is the choice for you. Summer has arrived so that is another reason why swimming may be the right choice for you. Your body will stay cool due to the water, allowing you to swim longer and burn more calories

What is Alien Yoga ? Should you try it ?

What is Alien Yoga? These days another weird fitness trend is spreading on Instagram, thanks to yoga devotees demonstrating a new exercise which involves filling up with stomachs contorted into unrecognizable shapes. It was apparently first mentioned around 500 years ago, and in some yoga traditions, was among one of the first exercises taught to


When you look at your naked body in the mirror, what do you see? Unless you have rare muscle genetic mutation, then you fall into one of these three typical categories. Before you start training and dieting it might be a good of an idea to take a look, what body type you are. Knowing

Easy to Do Body Stretches

One of the best ways to start your day in a healthy manner is to take a moment to gather your thoughts by stretching and breathing. It’s amazing how much stretching can help your body. In less than 10 minutes a day, you can squeeze these stretches in order to help you be more flexible and

Plyometric Moves And Their Advantages

Plyometric Moves I am sure you have already read about the benefits of body weight training if not you can read more here. Plyometric exercises revolve around explosive movement.These non-equipment needed exercises will help you increase your athleticism, speed, power, strength, and will help your burn more fat and even gain muscle.The goal is to