On one side we have cardio and on the other side, we have weights. So you may wonder which one is the right choice for your body goal?

Some women tend to shy away from weight. Just because men work out with them and because of the fear of getting bulky or simply don’t know how to use them. On the other hand, some women shy from cardio exercise so they don’t lose their gains, or because they simply don’t enjoy the sweat and out of breath feeling of doing cardiovascular exercises!

If you ever wondered if there is the perfect ratio for combining both parts, then we might have the answer for you!

Let’s first get more into detail of how cardio and weight training affects your body so we can see what works best for you!


Cardio Training

Officially cardio training is the king of burning calories! Research done in the US showed that aerobic exercises lose up to 4 times the fat and in less time than those who did strength training!

The type of cardio you choose is up to you, whether it is continuous intensity cardio or HIIT, studies showed that continuous intensity cardio is better for people who have high weight loss goals, while HIIT training is better for people who want to keep a little of their muscle mass because HIIT is known to stimulate fat torching muscle enzymes!

Most likely you will be starving after a run! Studies show that people who did high-intensity cardio for 15 minutes ate 11% less in 24h hours than those who didn’t. After high-intensity cardio, the blood is diverted from the gut, therefore it lowers your appetite!

A study was done by Penn State University in the US, it had their dieters lose 21lbs doing either cardio or weights. Both of the groups lost the 21lbs. Here is where it gets interesting, the group that did cardio lost 6lbs of muscle while the group that did weights lost only fat. The lesson from this is that you can not choose where you lose your fat from when doing cardio. Fat belongs to your whole body, meaning you can’t control from where it drops off!

Weight Training

Before you dive in the cardio lets take a look how weight training burns fat! Lifting weights will give you metabolic spike up to an hour after working out, as it takes your body to repair the microtears! Unlike fat, muscle is more metabolically active so the more muscle you gain the more calories you burn off.

Strenght lowers your hunger levels, but not like cardio! Your appetite may be suppressed for about an hour after training. After that hour your body will start craving food to help repair its muscle microtears. Women are affected the most by this due to being hardwired to keep weight up for pregnancy or lactating.

Weights are generally considered the best for body shaping! The reason behind this is because you can target specific areas of your body with certain exercises. For example, if you did squats you will see results in your hamstring and glutes but you would still need cardio in order to tone them! A study found that if you run and do weights your body will be 3% more toned than just strength training!

So there you have it this is some of the benefits that weight or cardio training may provide! It’s up to you to figure out what you want to fix on your body and find your ideal workout program!

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